Public Scripts
Abstract:An open-source version of many useful scripts.
Started On:2005-05-13
Last Update:2009-08-19

Public Scripts for Thief, Thief 2, and System Shock 2 provides many common and useful scripts for simplifying Dromed mission creation. This is a GPL open source project and serves as the standard reference for creating custom scripts. The scripts are documented at the Dromesday Book.

Try it out with the demo COW for both Thief 2 or Thief 1. Please be aware that compatibility with Thief 1 (TDP and Gold) and System Shock 2 has not been tested thoroughly.

Abstract:The custom scripts that many fan missions rely on.
Started On:2003-10-08
Last Update:2009-04-10

tnhScript is an object script collection for Thief 2 fan-mission builders. Missions that use tnhScript can have more and interesting effects than the standard Thief missions. Some missions will require you to install this before you can play the game. An automated installer is provided for your convenience.

Instructions for how to add scripts to your mission can be found at The Dromesday Book.

Abstract:Python OSM hack.
Started On:2004-02-20
Last Update:2005-08-05

Needs to be updated to at least Python 2.4. I can't think of anything worth changing, except to add a DarkHooks interface.