Emoji substitution plugin

Allows emoji characters or shortcut names to be inserted into wiki pages. The shortcut names will be converted to Unicode when the page is rendered. Old DokuWiki smileys are recognized automatically for an instant upgrade.


To insert a smiling face, you can:

  1. Copy the Unicode character, 😄😄
  2. Type a shortname, :smile:😄
  3. Type an emoticon, :-)😄

To avoid unintended substitution, short names and emoticons should be separated from other text with spaces.

This plugin uses the Emoji One artwork and PHP class.


The most recent release is 2015-07-24. Download it from GitHub or use the extension manager.

⚠ PHP 5.3 or later is required.

You can follow development of the plugin on the GitHub repository. Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome.


Option name Choices
assetsrc Source to download the graphics and stylesheet from.
cdn Download from the public CDN JSDelivr.net (default)
builtin Download from the wiki server. Uses the files included with the plugin.
external Download from an external server.
asseturi URL of the server when external is chosen.
As of June 2018 (or earlier) the stylesheet is not loading from the public CDN. Use the builtin option until this is bug is fixed.