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About This Wiki

This wiki operates using a modified version of DokuWiki. The patches are relative to the “Angua” release.

Programming Work

DokuWiki Indexer Improvement Task

A rewrite of the DokuWiki search index. The primary goal was to make it faster. A secondary goal was to make the indexer extensible.

DokuWiki Plugins

Image Map Plugin. Create client-side image maps.

Emoji substitution plugin. Use emoji instead of DokuWiki’s traditional smileys.

PHP Profiling

Comparison of String Replacement Functions. To summarize, use strtr when the lengths of the old and new substrings are the same. Use str_replace when the length changes. Never use preg_replace if there is no pattern matching.

Lua Code samples

Finalizers. This pure Lua module lets you call a function when exiting a call. Useful for RAII among other things.

Nil as Lvalue. Makes the symbol nil a valid l-value. Expressions assigned to nil will be discarded.

Expression History. Fixes the history of the Lua interpreter to save what you really typed.

OverWorld ∅

Inspired by a mini-game from the 1999 classic System Shock 2. The OverWorld is a turn-based RPG on a grid.